Wednesday, 19 July 2017


This is my flag.
This flag  is like nature and nature is green so i put green and put red for roses. Roses are my favourite flowers.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Day 1 Activity 2 :PURE New Zealand

My Favourite activities  are:

Sky jump from the sky tower.

Go swimming and play at mission bay beach.

Bush walk.

Rainbows end.

Auckland war memorial museum.

Day 1 Activity 1: 100% PURE New Zealand

100% PURE New Zealand

I hit the New Zealand's roads and found some interesting facts about New Zealand's people.

  • Maori Greetings, which is called Hongi. This is really very interesting how the Maori people greet with nose to nose contact to each other.

  • Maori tattoos, this is also very interesting that some men and women have traditional tattoos on their faces. 

  •  Another fact I found interesting is that all New Zealand people love rugby sports 

Friday, 30 June 2017



It Was a warm night we had just finished dinner. After dinner we all went to bed but mum forgot to turn off the stove. The stove got hotter and  hotter and hotter. Tuopu wake up to see what was burning when he got to the kitchen and he saw the stove on he did not know how to turn it off so he ran to mum and dad’s room and yelled mum the stove is still on but the time he got to mum and dad’s room the fire alarm went on and then he yelled again FIRE! FIRE! And everyone woke up.

Everyone got out of the house but baby lj and dad was stuck so dad quickly got baby lj and ran to the shower and turned the the shower on and they hopped in.

Aj quickly ran to the neighbors and asked to borrow the phone to call the fire brigade  to come and put out the fire.when the firefighters got there they asked if anyone was in the house Aj said that dad and baby lj was still in there so two firefighters went on the lookout to find dad and baby Lj in the house well two other firefighters put out the fire.

When the two firefighters got in the house they heard a sound coming from the shower when they got to the shower they saw Dad and baby Lj in the shower so they help baby Lj and Dad escaped the BIG FIRE.

After the firefighters put out the fire they said thank you for your helping us and they lived happily ever after.